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What is The
Umoja Donor Community?

The Umoja Donor Community is a powerful connection of donors that want to impact real and meaningful change in their own lives, in each other’s lives, and in the lives of our communities! The weekly donations of the Umoja Donor Community are used to create the Umoja Fund, The Black Excellence Scholarship Fund, and the Black Excellence Community Development Fund.

What is
the Umoja Fund?

The Umoja Fund is a donor supported pool of funds that is exclusively available to the Umoja Donor Community. Members of the Umoja Donor Community are automatically approved to request financial assistance from the Umoja Fund, up to the amount of Umoja Credits that have been issued to their account!


What are
Umoja Credits?

Umoja Credits are issued to every member of the Umoja Donor Community on an ongoing basis. The longer you are part of the Donor Community, the more credits you will receive. The purpose of Umoja Credits is to advise each Donor Community member of the amount of financial assistance for which they are currently pre-approved.

How do I
get Umoja Credits?

Umoja Credits will be issued to members of the Umoja Donor Community automatically every 8 weeks or less. As part of the Umoja Network, additional credits will be issued as a reward for referring new members. Additional credits can also be issued to those who choose to participate in the Umoja Project as well.

Getting Rewarded for Referrals

Every member of the Umoja Network will be rewarded with additional Umoja Credits for every referral. And not just for your personal referrals, but on every referral in your entire referral network, 5 levels deep! This can result in a significant amount of additional Umoja Credits, every 8 weeks or less!
Everytime anyone in your referral network is selected by our algorithm to receive Umoja Credits, you will receive credits too! And since every member of the Umoja Network will be selected to receive credits every 8 weeks or less, this means you will receive credits for every member of your referral network, up to 5 levels deep, every 8 weeks or less!

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Tiers and Credits

So, if you personally referred 10 people, and those 10 people also referred 10 people, and so on… here is what that would look like in referral rewards:

  • Tier 1 - Your Personal Referrals

  • 5 credits each referral

  • Tier 2 Referrals

  • 5 credits each referral

  • Tier 3 Referrals

  • 4 credits each referral

  • Tier 4 Referrals

  • 3 credits each referral

  • Tier 5 Referrals

  • 3 credits each referral

  • Tier 1 - 10 Referrals

  • 5 credits each = 50 credits

  • Tier 2 - 100 Referrals

  • 5 credits each = 500 credits

  • Tier 3 - 1000 Referrals

  • 4 credits each = 4,000 credits

  • Tier 4 - 10,000 Referrals

  • 3 credits each = 30,000 credits

  • Tier 5 - 100,000 Referrals

  • 3 credits each = 300,000 credits

Based on this example, you would receive 334,550 credits as rewards for your referral network, ABOUT EVERY 8 WEEKS OR LESS, over and over again!!! Which means, you could request up to $334,500 from the Umoja Fund, ABOUT EVERY 8 WEEKS!!! Imagine the impact that could have on your life and the lives in your family!!!

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